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The Full Story

Our team consists of self-employed individuals with an average of 30 years’ experience in SME creation, Finance, Tax and Technology, all of whom have first-hand experience of the needs and challenges faced by self-employed individuals - from cash flow headaches, confusion navigating tax codes, forms overload, and the constant need to track invoices and expenses across multiple clients and projects..


It is through our diversity of experience and first-hand knowledge of the complex landscape as well as the onerous business operational processes, which inspired us to develop a tech-driven solution that automates and streamline the administrative process of financial and tax reporting for self-employed community. By combining human guidance with cutting-edge automation, we save the self-employed significant time, effort, and stress when managing their finances.

Our diverse experiences building brands from the ground up allows us to empathize with the self-employed community we serve and build tools catered to their unique needs. We draw daily inspiration from our own journeys working independently as we continue enhancing our platform.


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